Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Jade Ewen goes all Scottish for Ultimo in FHM.Com

Jade Ewen goes all Scottish for Ultimo

Posted by Lucy Hancock, 25 January 2011

So she doesn’t blend into the puff of hotness that is the Sugababes, Jade Ewen has taken this opportunity to celebrate the Romantic Scottish poet Robert Burns’ birthday in her Celtic smalls. Well, no she hasn’t, but it’s a jolly nice coincidence. In reality she is fronting the Miss Ultimo campaign and she’s completely adorable.

Jade is the latest in the Sugababes’ game of musical band members. Maybe you haven’t been keeping up and for that we forgive you, but here is a little update. Thankfully they’ve kept the lovely blonde one a constant and swapped out the angry pierced one who had the bum operation and the teeny tiny angry one who they kicked out in the end. Does anyone even remember the ginger one?

Jade must have some serious balls, because she braved the indelible shame of representing the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 where the UK actually did the impossible and beat Russia to 5th place. In these glorious photos thankfully she has no balls at all, just lovely Cheryl Cole chocolate eyes and a bag full of goodies.

The worst piece of information we could have discovered about Jade is not that she has a boyfriend, which is of course stand-alone sad, but that her boyfriend is Fatboy off Eastenders. Whaaaat? For those of you that don’t watch Eastender’s, Fatboy is one of those cast members that soap bosses draft in to get down with the youf. He raps and swaggers and says things like ‘peng’ to Dot Cotton in a way that makes our eyes water in embarrassment.

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