Wednesday, 15 December 2010

JadeEwenFan at The Jade Ewen PA for Miss Ultimo at Debenhams (Part 1)

Where do I start to tell you about my Meet and Greet with Jade Ewen ?

Well before I start I will show you where it was being held on a cold wet day in Oxford Street, London.

Now I will show you the stage where Jade was going to pose for the awaiting Gentlemen of The Press and fellow fans .

Talking of the "PressPack" here they are
And here are some the fans , if you recognise yourself , please leave a comment !

Then after a small introduction and a ripple of applause Jade emerges from behind the screen a vision of Gorgeousness in a Miss Ultimo Santa Corset , Black leather trousers and Black Christian Louboutin Sandals

The Press Pack were shouting and demanding her to look up, down, left, right and centre with a frenzy of flashs , but she took all this in her stride. Jades sweet smile brightened up some very world weary photographers who we chatted to a little before Jade arrived.
Well I leave the blog here for now. There with be more to come , more photos, some videos and a Competition !

Oh and below the most loveliest of Christmas gifts for me , a photo with Jade :-)

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