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Katy Brands Sugababes

October 7th, 2010
Comedienne Katy Brand was back on ITV2 last night, with a new series that takes her pop parodies to the next level. Previously, Katy took the mickey out of famous popstars behind their back. Now, she’s doing it to their face and, worse still, with their help! Every week, Katy will join a music act to create a parody video of one of their hits. Last night, it was the Sugababes’ turn.
The show appears to be a sort of half-interview, half-parody affair, with the girls sitting down and having a chat before the brain-storming begins for the video concept. Katy asked all the burning questions and Heidi and her band members opened up about the numerous line-up changes that have threatened the band over the years. Katy’s style of ‘faux-interview’ wasn’t sensational or tabloid, and as a result got honest answers out of the singers. Girly chat done, it was time to think about ideas for the video. They agreed on the idea of ‘growing a Sugababe’ that would become a freak version in a new line-up. The girls were happy to poke fun at themselves in a parody of About a Girl (with a little Push the Button thrown in for good measure).
The video wasn’t as funny as some of the parodies Katy has done, but kudos to the comic who has managed to create a series where she gets to interview celebrities and poke fun at them without getting a black eye. That alone deserves an honourable mention! Next week, it’s Sean Kingston‘s turn and I can’t imagine what she has in store for him! It remains to be seen if she can get bigger names to join her on the show. I look forward to Lady GaGa joining in with this:

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