Friday, 10 September 2010

JLS Chat About X Factor and Amelle

JLS Chat About X Factor

X factor runners up JLS got dressed up for the GQ Men of the Year Awards – and so did we!

Very’s Zoe attended the star-studded bash at London’s Royal Opera House (along with Dizzee Rascal and Tinie Tempah)

So she grabbed them for a chat (and a photo) to find out how their lives had changed since appearing on the show in 2008.

Do they enjoy their fame? What do they really think of their female fans? Are they watching the ITV show this year?

Read on here:

QS: What’s the coolest thing that has happened since X Factor?

JB: “That’s a hard question. Everything has been amazing! We’re so lucky to get the support from fans that we have. We don’t take anything for granted.”

ORITISE: “We just got back from America and nobody knew us out there, so it made us appreciate what we have here.”

MARVIN: “The best thing for me is meeting my girlfriend. I’d never have got with a Saturday if I wasn’t in this band.”

QS: Tell us about America – what are your plans out there?

ASTON: “We want to crack America, basically! We’re playing in-stores and gigs and trying to get some TV so everyone starts to know us.”

ORITISE: “America is a tough market. Leona did it well out there but it’s difficult for British stars to get taken seriously out there. We’ll do it though!”

QS: Do you ever get frightened by the level of fame you’ve achieved?

ASTON: “Not really, I feel blessed.”

MARVIN: “It was pretty scary when they found a fan hidden in a suitcase though. Fair play to her, that’s dedication, but still scary.”

QS: Do you have any predictions for this year’s show?

JB: “We normally tend to go with what Louis Walsh goes for.


QS: You’re very into fashion yourselves, but what do you like women to wear?

JB: “I think as long as a woman has made an effort, then you know. It doesn’t matter exactly what she has wearing but you can just tell if a girl has made an effort. Get dressed up, girls!”

ORITISE: “Ruffles look pretty nice – Amelle [Sugababes] is wearing them, you’re wearing them.”

This is Amelle’s outfit to the GQ Awards close-up:

If you’re thinking about ruffles now thanks to JLS then try a Yumi ruffle bead necklace dress

Or wear the ruffles of the front with a new Iska ruffle front dress

Fingers crossed we’ll see JLS perform on the UK version of the X Factor between now and Christmas. And we wish them all the best in the US!

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