Tuesday, 24 August 2010

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Jade Louise Ewen

On Tuesday 24th August 2010, @jadeewen said:

So EXCITED!!!! Just seen our final mock-ups for our fragrances! Tempt, tease and touch! Can't wait for you guys to smell them! Now filming with Katy brand...

On Sunday 22nd August 2010, @jadeewen said:

Day 2 of v fest! Loadsa fun! Need to learn to pace myself, get so excited I bounce around like a nutter and feel like I'm gona collapse before I've even gone on! Lol thanks to everyone who came Love ya XX

@ChipmunkArtist haha! Hey babe! Saw u briefly for a second u at Chelmsford tomo?
1:34 AM Aug 22nd via Twitter for iPhone in reply to ChipmunkArtist

Had an amazing time at v fest today!! Looking forward to day two tomorrow in Chelmsford! Wool wool!!
1:30 AM Aug 22nd via Twitter for iPhone

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