Thursday, 26 August 2010

Chantelle vs Amelle who wore it best?

Chantelle vs Amelle - who wore it best?

Posted by heatworld 26 August 2010 12:34

Chatelle and Amelle wearing the same Reiss dress

Ladies in beeeiiiiigggeee... Not your average go-to colour for a "wow" frock, but we can't help liking this Reiss dress as seen on Amelle Sugababes and Chantelle (get back together with Preston please) Houghton - probably because nude hues (mixed up with camel, taupe and toffee shades) are going to be MASSIVE come autumn/winter. And because they both look pretty damn pretty in it. But who looks best? The choice, dear heatworlders, is yours...

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Who wore it best?

Go vote for Amelle !!!!

Who wore it best?

Thanks! Here are the results so far:

Chantelle's my belle - 79%

Amelle's my belle - 21%

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