Sunday, 27 June 2010

Five Minutes of Fashion with Jade Ewen

Five Minutes of Fashion with Jade Ewen

The newest Sugababe Jade Ewen faced a lot of pressure to step into Keisha Bucchanon’s stilletoes when she joined the girl group last year but she never fails to look stylish.

The former Eurovision song competition contestant has some of the coolest party dresses in pop and always pushes boundaries with silk, lace, ruffles and bows – sometimes all at the same time like when she wore this gorgeous dress to the Virgin pre-Wimbledon party.

We grabbed her away from her bandmates Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah to learn more about how she dresses to impress and find out how she has blossomed since she burst onto the music scene as Britain’s Eurovision contestant in 2009.

Qs: How’s the Sugababes’ fashion different to what you wore when you represented Britain in the Eurovision song contest?

“Amanda Wakeley designed my dress, because we wanted a British designer. It was so elegant with amazing attention to detail. It was beautiful and classy. Andrew Lloyd Webber was accompanying me on piano, so if he does I can’t be stood there in a crazy outfit.

“Now I wear less clothes, sometimes practically nothing!”

QS: How do you feel about the Sugababes raunchy outfits?

“I’m happy to get skimpy for my music. Fashion is what gets your music noticed – just look at Lady Gaga.”

QS: How do you decide what to wear?

“We have a fantastic stylist, who normally tells us what look to go for and gives us advice. Sometimes you don’t want to listen but you always know she’s right – she’s the professional. She’s encouraged me to try things I wouldn’t normally have worn like cropped jackets with shorts or leggings.”

QS: Have you ever regretted anything?

“I wore a tight white catsuit to Rihanna’s afterparty at Merah nightclub and I got slated for it. But I am happy if I get it right 90% of the time – there’s always something that is less than perfect.

QS: Do you still shop on the high street?

“Yes! I love Lipsy and I also like Rare dresses. No matter how big the Sugababes get, I’ll always remember my roots. I don’t come from a rich family so designer was not an option when I was growing up.”

QS: Is there a lucky guy?

“Yes. I am dating Ricky Norwood, who plays Fatboy in Eastenders. The day I found out I was in The Sugababes, he found out he was in Eastenders. We grew up together in East London and I have known him for years so it felt very natural when we got together.”

And talking of naturals, it’s all about the naturals and nudes in terms of dress colours this summer.

Glow like Jade in a Love Label peplum dress

Or add some ruffles with a Love Label zip front dress

For something more conservative but still in this season’s on trend beige try Fearne Cotton lace sleeve tunic

If we were Keisha, we’d be very jealous indeed.

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