Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sugababes deny split

Sugababes deny split
1 hour 12 mins ago

The Sugababes have insisted their future is secure, amid rumours they are about to split.

Sugababes deny split .Following years of big success, the group's latest album, 'Sweet 7', has been a critical and commercial disappointment.

However, Heidi Range insists the girl band have no plans to go their separate ways and are looking forward to recording together again.

"That rumour has been flying around for the past nine years!", she said of reports about their demise.

"If we were going to split up I'd just come out and say it but we're actually having a great time.

"We're off to India next week and then we're back in the studio to record some new tracks," she insisted.

Meanwhile, US reports that Sugababes had been dumped by Jay-Z's US label, Roc Nation, has also been dismissed.

"We have never been 'signed' to Roc Nation for a scheduled album release in America," says a message on their official website.

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