Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Second-hand songs that became hits

Second-hand songs that became hitsBy ROWENA JOY A. SANCHEZApril 5, 2010, 2:11pmWould these songs become hits had they been sung by the artists they were originally written for?

1. “Telephone”
Lady Gaga, a self-confessed Britney Spears fan, wrote “Telephone” for the pop princess. But apparently, Brit didn’t take Gaga’s call. Prior to this, Britney’s label also turned down “Umbrella,” Rihanna’s biggest hit.

2. “Cry Me A River”
Many observed that Justin Timberlake’s first solo debut had a lot of Michael Jackson vibe to it. That’s because a number of songs in the album were intended for the late King of Pop, including this one that people close to Justin say was written with Britney in mind right after the two split.

3. “Baby One More Time”
This Britney classic was first offered to TLC, and then Simon Cowell desperately wanted it for his boy band 5ive. But sorry Simon, songwriter Max Martin already promised it to Ms. Spears.

4. “Halo”
OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder originally wrote this for Leona Lewis, but her tight schedule didn’t permit recording to take place sooner. “Halo” eventually ended up glowing above Beyoncé’s head.

5. “Don’t Cha”
Before, there was an heiress named Paris Hilton and a sexy trio called Sugababes to whom this naughty ditty was offered.

6. “My Humps”
wil.i.am said he wrote this for PCD, but then he realized he wanted to keep it for his Black Eyed Peas fellas. Why not, Fergie’s just as qualified.

7. “Bleeding Love”
Jesse McCartney wanted this collaboration masterpiece with Ryan Tedder for his album but his label didn’t agree. It eventually became Leona Lewis’ breakout hit, and a bonus track in Jesse’s third effort, “Departure.”

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