Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Our Eurovision entry really isn't up to much is it

It is rare that I ever blog negatively , but I agree 100% with this Popjustice article. How could we have got it so wrong after Jade got it so right last year ?

Our Eurovision entry really isn't up to much is it
Story filed Thursday, 22 April 2010
We'd forgotten all about this but someone on the Popjustice forum has just posted a link to the studio verison of Josh Dubovie's 'That Sounds Good To Me'.

This is the song the United Kingdom is sending to Eurovision.

It is the song that it is felt - by idiots, let's be honest - will best represent the UK on the world stage.

Nothing about this song is good. It has no redeeming features. If it were a second hand car it would be one with a massive shit on the driver's seat. It is like a nightmare that exists in the physical realm, the Freddie Krueger of Eurovision entries slashing multiple cuts across pop's jugular. It is Comic Sans, a fart in a crowded lift, a dishwasher with an unsatisfactory rinse cycle, a Conservative election win, an unexpectedly hefty tax bill, homework on a Sunday night and next door's whining dog. It is all of that and more but it is not, and this is worth remembering as 'Eurovision fever' grips (trans: doesn't grip) the country in the coming weeks, something that "sounds" "good" to "anyone".

It is, more than anything, a real shame.

Read more: http://www.popjustice.com/#ixzz0mHqvfYBe

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