Thursday, 1 April 2010

New Line up Temporary Sugababe !

Oh good God, the Sugababes line up has changed AGAIN

From Daily Mirror 3AM
Yeah, so, as surely as day follows night and yawns follow the mere mention of Peter Andre’s name, the Sugababes have disbanded.

But Heidi and Amelle are staying on.

*wink wink*

And they’ll be joined by new member Soo and will henceforth be known as the Soogababes.

*nudge nudge*

Yes, Soo.

Soo the panda. The panda puppet from The Sooty Show.

*wink wink winky winky wink wink*

Christ, we’re developing eyelid-ache with all this knowing winking.

Soo, choosing not to speak through a soo-urce, said: “I’m really grateful to Sooty and Sweep for all the work they’ve given me over the years but it seems Heidi and Amelle have finally recognised my immense talent. Until now my music career was mostly playing the keyboard at Sooty’s concerts but the Sugababes hits certainly beat endless encores of “Teddy Bears Picnic!”

And that’s enough of that.

But do check out her audition tape here: it made us all laugh out loud - or LOL, if you will - which is some kind of record cuz there's normally one of us with a cob on.

Happy April Fools Day !

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