Thursday, 25 March 2010

Suganews gets the real story about Roc-Nation

From @suganews on Twitter

You know how everybody is saying the girls were removed from the Roc Nation site? Were they there in the first place?

I've sent an email to Mark Hargreaves, the girls' manager, and asked about their deal with Roc Nation.

Hopefully he'll get back to me!

I'm sure the Roc Nation rumours are fake, but it's good to set the record straight!

Lets face it - it would be ridiculous for Roc Nation to drop the babes. The album has been out for ONE week on weak promotion

Hello everyone :) The babes' manager has got back to me about the Roc Nation deal!

He says that the girls were never actually 'signed' to Roc Nation, therefore they could not have been 'dropped' as it were.

Roc Nation were working with the band to co-A&R 'Sweet 7'. The only place they are SIGNED to is Universal.


  1. So are they still releasing 'About a girl' in the USA???

  2. I hope so , if I find out i will blog it !