Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Mutya Buena applies to own Sugababes name

Mutya Buena applies to own Sugababes name

Mutya Buena left the band in 2005 to pursue a solo career
Founding Sugababes member Mutya Buena has applied for ownership of the band's name, her legal firm has confirmed.

The star, who quit the band in 2005, has applied to the European Trademarks Authority for permission. Her request has been registered, but not approved.

The last of the Sugababes' original members, Keisha Buchanan, left last year, and was replaced by Jade Ewen.

At the time, Buena said: "It just means the Sugababes have ended because there are no original people remaining".

She added: "It kind of doesn't make sense that there is Sugababes any more. I don't know if it's just me, but Keisha being the original that was left out of the band, her leaving doesn't make it Sugababes really

'Lack of trust'

If Buena's application is successful, it could mean that she will own the rights to use the Sugababes name on goods such as CDs, DVDs and books.

Kilburn and Strode, the firm that has put forward the application, said they were "hopeful" registration would be passed in a few months.

Former band members Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy are also named on the document, but Kilburn and Strode told the BBC that Buena was the "sole applicant".

The current line-up, which also includes Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah, are expected to attend the launch of their new album later.

Sweet 7 is the first release by the new trio, and has been delayed while Ewen re-recorded Buchanan's vocals.

Buchanan has always maintained that it was not her decision to leave the pop group last September.

At the time, the band's official website said she had quit to focus on her solo career.

But she blamed "a breakdown in communication" and "lack of trust" for her no longer singing in the band.

On the social networking site Twitter, Buchanan said: "Although it was not my choice to leave, it's time to enter a new chapter in my life.

"I've had a great time and have achieved more then I ever thought I would."

Representatives for the former and current line-up of the Sugababes were not immediately available to comment on the trademark application.

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