Thursday, 11 March 2010

Be first to hear Sugababes LP

Sweet 3 ... Sugababes

Be first to hear Sugababes LP By NADIA MENDOZA

SHE'S proved she has the moves, the legs and the attitude - and now JADE proves she has the voice.
The former Eurovision star has showcased her talents on new SUGABABES record Sweet 7 - their first since KEISHA's controversial departure last year.

It is also their first album release since signing to JAY-Z's US label Roc Nation.

We've got our mitts on an exclusive listen to the entire album, which features chart-toppers Get Sexy, About A Girl and Wear My Kiss.

Speaking of the record, AMELLE said: "The sound just emerged for us.

"We wanted to make the album as Sugababes sounding as possible and wave the British flag at the same time, we've pushed ourselves and stepped it up.

"We're working with a new stylist this time round. Different image. Raunchy. Taking our clothes off basically!"

Bandmate HEIDI revealed having Jade "has been a breath of fresh air".

While Jade herself said the LP will "gauge whether I've finally been accepted as a Sugababe."

Sweet 7 hits shelves on March 15.

To hear the girls, listen below:

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