Saturday, 20 February 2010

News of The World Video interview Sugababes


Video: Sugababes sleep together

Here's news to give fella sweet dreams... the Sugababes sleep together.

The sexy trio confessed revealed that they often share beds when they're away from home.

Heidi said: "We get scared in hotels if they've got a vibe and so we sleep in the same bed, but last time Amelle was stuck in the middle and got too hot so she had to leave in the middle of the night .

Their fellas haven't got anything to be jealous of though, love is well and truly in the air in the 'Babes camp.

The girls' hearts were all a flutter, despite being seriously hungover when we met up with them after the Brits.

Heidi is thinking of little else apart from her upcoming wedding to XFM DJ Dave Berry, whilst Amelle is in the first flushes of young love with her new man.

She proclaimed: "I'm loved up, he's lovely, absolutely lovely. We're just getting into the swing of things."

New girl Jade is the only band member flying the flag for the single ladies, despite having her pick of music's hottest men .

"I've known JLS for years, it's weird because two of them look like my brothers, so that's just not going to happen. Because you do all of the same gigs on the road you tend to see same guys all of the time, so we're all just really good friends."

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