Friday, 30 January 2015

Jade writing and recording today at a studio session with Josh Rhys Owen

recording session today!!! The music is flowing -session well done!!!

I want to record some more now!!! Had an absolute blast I am so excited about this!

Josh Rhys Owen

Josh Rhys Owen is a singer/songwriter/producer from the UK. A thinking man's guitarist. When asked what his voice sounds like he usually responds with "I have two." Josh started learning guitar at age seven and then went on to start teaching at sixteen, whilst developing a career as a session musician. At nineteen Josh posted some of his own songs on the internet, which quickly led to interest from many of the majors in London and his "home demos" hitting national radio. Josh was brought to the attention of Roc Nation through management and now, with over a decade of experience both live and in the studio, he has gone on to work with some of the top writers in the UK, Europe and US. Expect to hear more from him in the future.

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