Saturday, 31 August 2013


The genre of pop music can be a crazy thing, sometimes reaching soap opera proportions - especially girl groups (has there ever been a girl group spared the dramas of breakup rumours, egos, and all around cattiness?). But every now and then you’ll have a member of said group, rise above all the drama and pave their own way. Meet Amelle, who if you didn’t know is 1/3 of the current incarnation of UK mega-trio, the Sugababes. Last week saw the release of her new solo single, ‘Love Is All We Need’, a collaboration with Adam J and the Nightcrashers. The single is typical club fare - featuring dupstep-esque break downs, pulsating beats and a shimmery melody. But what really stands out with this track is Amelle’s vocals, which are as soulful and powerful as ever. This track though isn’t a representation of where her debut solo album is going though. “‘Love Is All You Need” is a really fun track and a great collaboration between Adam J and I, as it really happened quite organic and sonically, but the album will sound a little different. Its more soulful and quirky. I really experimented and took my time in seeing where I wanted to go. Which was great because my label gave me a lot of time and freedom to do so.”  It was that freedom that really allowed her to create something a bit different than what people might expect. After spending a year and a half in the studio, the album is “a nice mix of everything, there’s ballads, uptempo songs, its cheeky and quirky, but most importantly its me and I just hope people are into it ya know?” Her favourite track on the album? She has two:  ’Come On” ( a mid tempo ballad “very Alicia keys and sentimental as there is a real story behind it”) and ‘Wrigley’s Extra” (like the chewing gum! ) are her standouts.
While we still have a while before the album debuts (the release date is slated for early 2014), Amelle will release another collaboration track this fall, and then her big solo debut after.  But for now we’ll be keeping ‘Love Is All We Need” on repeat and keeping our eyes and ears on alert for more! 
'Love Is All We Need' is out now via Nightcrasher Records 
Words | Le’Keisha Sims 

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