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'Let's Get Things Straight': MKS Deny Slamming Sugababes As 'Fake'

By Robert Crawford On August 28, 2013

'Let's Get Things Straight': MKS Deny Slamming Sugababes As 'Fake'

The reunited trio apparently criticised former bandmates for acting like the best of friends

Former Sugababes - Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy - have denied slamming their previous bandmates.
Now back together as MKS, the trio were thought to have blasted their bandmates Amelle Berrabah and Heidi Range for being "fake people" and acting like they were" best of friends" during an interview with Q Magazine.
The singers say they've grown up and get along better together (WENN)
In quotes widely circulated today, Keisha and Mutya, who formed the first incarnation of the chart-topping 'Freak Like Me' girl group with Siobhan, appeared to suggest they longer spoke to their ex bandmates:
Keisha was said to have revealed: 'You see them now and they're like, 'What are you girls up to?'"
Mutya was believed to have added of her ex friends: ''And they act surprised when you don't want to say hello back to them. They're like, 'Oh, I can see you don't want to talk to me.' Well, yeah. F**k off. You clearly know why. So you just have to give them that look and hope that they'll go away.''
The target of the quotes had actually been confused with a representative for the band confirming that the girls were actually talking about "people around them" and not the Sugababes themselves.
Keisha took to twitter today to slam the reports, writing: "Morning tweets. Just to make this clear. The "quote" that is going around about us slagging off ex members is totally false. It doesn't even sound like how we talk. Whoever wrote that is clearly on some form of comedy crack. Get a life! We do not hate H A J [Heidi Amelle Jade] ok! Lol".
"Me & @keisha_buchanan r way to busy and real enough to say to say what's on our mind we dnt talk nasty about no1 lets get things straight," added Buena.
Siobhan left the Sugababes first amidst a rift with Keisha in 2001, followed by Mutya in 2005, and finally, Keisha left in 2009 to be replaced by Jade Ewen.
Since then the 'Flatline' singers, who formed as a band as teenagers, are back together and insit the trio have grown up and get along better.
In an interview with Q magazine, Siobhan said: ''We actually know each other now. I don't believe we actually knew each other then. I don't believe we ever had any real relationship. We had a relationship through our management, or our parents. We didn't call, text, email.''
MKS have recently completed their debut album as MKS and they are said to be extremely happy with the music they have produced.
Check out our interview with Amelle Berrabah here.
Original Sugababes Mutya Keisha Siobhan Flaunt Their Assets At Scala!
Mutya Buena at Scala for MKS launch (WENN)
Kiesha Buchanan donned a revealing black bodysuit (WENN)
Siobhan Donaghy was the first member of the original Sugababes to leave the band (WENN)

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