Amelle Berrabah exercising in LA 03.12 - 13We can even see her muscles poking out through those leggings... sigh

Would you just look at those abs?

The Sugababes' hiatus has done wonders for Amelle Berrabah's bod.

Along with her fellow Sugababes, the singer has been taking a break from the band to work on her solo album.
And debut an impressive set of abs in LA, by the looks of things.
Dressed in a pair of black leggings and a tiny purple crop top, she headed to the top of the Griffith Observatory in the Hollywood Hills to do some stretching. As you do.
The singer was joined by her friend Emily Rose, and they didn't look at all out of breath as they exercised.
We can't even spot a single bead of sweat.
The 27-year-old has made no secret of the fact that she's embarking on a solo career and is currently in LA working with producer Kirtley on her debut single.
What are the chances that she'll be showing off that toned tum in her first video?
She's not the only Babe to tone up following the band's hiatus. Heidi Range is a shadow of her former self after taking to the rink for Dancing On Ice.
The star slimmed down to a size 6, and has said she wants to lose even more weight ahead of the show's tour in April.
Heidi Range - Black Dress - 01.12Heidi Range has toned up her figure, too
So it doesn't look like the Babes will be reforming any time soon. Especially since Heidi confirmed that they have no plans to record any new material.
We reckon Amelle needn't worry about paying the bills, though. With a bod like that, she's not going to be short of offers of work.
Heck, we'll even get her into the Sky Living office, where she can stand by the chocolate drawer and be our thinspiration.

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