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Heidi Range: Will Push the Button on Dancing On Ice

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Heidi Range: My ice squeam terror on Dancing On Ice

Lift could mean an early barf for Heidi

Uplifting ... Sugababe fears she will be sick if she attempts horizontal lift
Uplifting ... Sugababe fears she will be sick if she attempts horizontal lift
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Published: Today at 02:01

HEIDI Range is more nervous than usual about this week's Dancing On Ice after Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean gave her a move that makes her SICK.

The Sugababe will be spun horizontally above partner Andrei Lipanov's head — and she finds it terrifying.

The first time they tried the skyscraper lift, Heidi had to rush off the ice to vomit.
She said: "It is terrifying. We practised it once before and I threw up. Touch wood I won't be sick on his head! I just have to close my eyes."
Medics on Dancing On Ice offer sickness tablets to celebrities with spinning lifts but Heidi is hoping she will be OK without them.
She said: "While I'm in this lift it's terrifying, but it's when you come down the shock of it hits you. Luckily it's at the end of the routine so if I do feel sick I can run off."
There is one part of the dance that suits Heidi — the couple will perform to her band's hit Push The Button.
Tomorrow night's show will see the celebrities learn two solo routines, one for their main dance and another in case they are in the skate-off, so the judges can assess their skating.
For Heidi, it makes the nerves worse.

Sick of the rink ... Heidi Range in training
Sick of the rink ... Heidi Range in training

She said: "It's such a hard week this week. We've all been given a solo sequence to do in our routine and there is a different solo routine for the skate off.
"And I've got two massive lifts and it's been the toughest week so far but we've been putting the hours in and I hope we pull it off.
"It's not about winning the show, it's about staying in to enjoy it for longer. I love the whole experience."
Heidi admitted she's a "real scaredy cat" and credits partner Andrei with making her feel safe and secure on the ice.
Heidi hated seeing pal Jennifer Ellison slash her head with the blade of her own boot. It gave her a huge shock and made her worry about the risks they are all taking.
She said: "I was terrified after Jennifer's accident, especially when they showed it in slow-motion. She kicked herself in the head and it was really scary and she was shaken up after it.
"It's such a dangerous sport and I'm such a scaredy cat but I'm trying not to think about it."
Apart from popping a rib in training before the show began, Heidi has survived with relatively few injuries — just LOTS of bruises.
She said: "I'm like a bad apple underneath my clothes, I'm black and blue."

Head spinning ... Heidi attempts tough lift for this week's challenge
Head spinning ... Heidi attempts tough lift for this week's challenge

And while the bruises are unsightly, Heidi reckons her body is fitter and firmer than it's ever been.
She said: "You're exercising without realising what you're actually doing. You burn more calories skating than you do running so today I've done the same as four hours of running.
"And you do tone up, it's from holding yourself in the lifts, your arms and your stomach.
"You don't realise you're doing all this toning but you are, it's great for you."
Heidi has been showing off her newly honed body in a range of daring outfits.
She said: "I love dressing up. I think there is a lot less of the costumes than the costumes I've worn on the Sugababes!
"But they are beautiful and wonderfully made, the wardrobe department is incredible.
"I'm having a wonderful time."

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