Wednesday, 4 January 2012

What Next for the Sugababes - My thoughts

So from what we have heard in the recent Interviews by Heidi , there are no plans to release the Sugababes latest album in the early part of 2012 !

Heidi maybe hedging her bets , because when she wins the Dancing on Ice or finishes in the top five , she will be offered to go on the Dancing On Ice Tour. This is scheduled to finish on May 7th.

Then we have Amelle who is definately releasing a Single soon , maybe a whole album is on the way? That would be Amellezing !

Thats leaves Jade , who has recently been a guest in Australia in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Now!

Then she appeared in her boyfriend's Boy Band 'Encore' Video



Mark + Cairo + Pierre = Encore. Check out our tunes at New single Fun Last Night is released 26 Feb 2012 :-)
So what now for Jade? I hope she is writing new material and finshing off a Solo album. She has too much talent to wait around for 6 months waiting for The Sugababes album to be released.
Maybe she has a Reality / Talent show contract already signed , but can't announce it yet ?
What I am really saying, is I want to hear some music from Jade very soon !!

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