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3rd July 2011

By James Ingham

Heidi and Keisha blubbed like babies – but the reunion didn’t last long
SUGABABES had one of the biggest fallouts in pop history when original member Keisha Buchanan was ousted.

But in a shock turnaround the fiery babes have finally buried the hatchet – and it’s all down to Rehab.

The group’s current line-up (at least when we went to print) Amelle, Jade and Heidi were partying at the Barclaycard Wireless festival in London’s Hyde Park on Friday.

And who should join them in the VIP area but Keisha – who hadn’t spoken to the girls since it all got Ugly in September 2009.

At first there was an awkward silence – with both sides unwilling to acknowledge the other.

But after a kick up the backside from Team Rehab, music’s bitchiest row ended in hugs and tears when Keisha walked over to make peace.

Keisha told me: “Yes, I’ve seen they’re here – I’ll go and talk to them.”

Then the babes – new and old – kissed and made up quicker than you could push a button!

Heidi and Keisha blubbed like babies – but the reunion didn’t last long.

Within five minutes Keisha waved goodbye and scarpered.

Amelle said: “It was a surreal moment – it is the first time we’ve seen each other since she left the band.

“It’s so good to get closure on everything that’s happened. She’s looking really well and it’s so nice we can chat again.”

After drying her tears, Heidi added: “It was so nice to see her – it was sad not seeing her when we used to work so closely together.

“It was good to see she’s doing well.”

But she added: “I’m really glad we made up but that doesn’t mean we’ll start spending time together.

“We didn’t socialise before, so nothing’s changed there.”

Guess we can rule out a stage reunion at any point then.

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