Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sugababes are back with new song Freedom (Heatworld)

Sugababes are back with new song Freedom

Posted by heatworld 01 June 2011 17:25


Sugababes are back with new song Freedom

The Sugababes have been off the radar for so long now that we almost thought they’d disappeared forever, but it looks like the girls are back.

They’ve got a new song called Freedom, a snippet of which now appears on a new Nokia mobile phone advert. The girl group actually debuted the song during a festival in Morocco last month.

Babe Amelle has spoken about the group’s new album, which will be the eight Sugababes album, telling Radio 2 that, “We've literally been in the studio... just early days of starting to record the new album. We're really excited. We haven't got a sound yet. We've been asked a few times what sort of sound we're going for, but it's too early to decide. I've got two favourite ones at the moment and they're completely different. One is quite poppy and the other couldn't be less poppy if we tried. It's a nice process and we're really focused and really looking forward to hopefully a great album and everyone else enjoying it. We definitely want to take our time, and if it isn't ready then we're going to keep working and not release it until we're 100% happy with it."

Are you excited about the Sugababes comeback, and what do you think about Freedom? We rather like it.

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