Friday, 11 February 2011

Lady Gaga "Born this Way" sounds like The Sugababes what do you think ?

Hear the new Lady Gaga single ‘Born This Way’ & readers opinions

By Nialler9 on Friday, 11 February 2011Hear the new Lady Gaga single 'Born This Way' & readers opinions

Gaga’s new single ‘Born This Way’ debuted this morning to predictable gush from ultra-Gaga fans but what do the rest of the population think of it?
Well to these ears, there’s no denying it sounds like Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’, with extra Euro cheese and bits of TLC’s ‘Waterfalls‘.

Drowned In Sound’s Sean Adams tweeted :
“it sounds like Sugababes meets Patrick Wolf doing Madonna but ending up a bit Kylie.
You can hear it at Gaga’s homepage.


  1. It TOTALLY sounds like Sugababes. I can't hear Express Yourself, but 100% hear Sugababes. Which is fine by me. Sugababes are awesome.