Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Jade Tweets, Shares photos from her Surprise Birthday Party and NTAs plus Album news

From Jade "Some of the balloons from my party the next day.."

From me to @JadeEwen "u had balloons that survived till the next day? very reserved thought the louboutins would have sorted them out the previous night"

From Jade @JadeEwenFan "oh no dont get it confused.. most of them died a horrible death.. these were the soldier balloons haha!"

I asked Jade what she had got for her birthday ?

From Jade @JadeEwenFan "i got some new art stuff because i love drawing and painting! some nice jewelry, clothes, new shoes and a handbag.. :) "

From Jade @JadeEwenFan "ill show u a picture i drew of of ricky in a minute..

From Jade "My first portrait with my new pencils! "

I also asked if Ricky also drew but Jade said that he didn't

I asked Jade had she seen her Birthday card from her fans and she said.
@JadeEwenFan "not yet.. will have a look now..thanks so much in advance! :) xxx"

@JadeEwenFan "awwww.... yes i was.. "

@JadeEwenFan "wow.. what an amazing thing to do.. thanku 2 everyone who took the time 2write me such lovely messages on my bday..

@JadeEwenFan "i am so very touched.. love u all.. big squeezes! jade xxxxxx"
After Jade posted a couple of photos from the NTAs 

I asked 
@JadeEwen "looking very beautiful in this over the shoulder and the dress was FAB , who was the designer?"

@JadeEwenFan "Jasper Conran...beautiful dress..."


Jade was also tweeting with The Invisiblemen who originally tweeted   

"those ad libs was the icing on the cake we needed @JadeEwen #Yummm"

Then Jade asked @InvisibleMenUk "is this jason or john btw?xx "

The Invisiblemen answered @JadeEwen "Jason, Jon, & George :)"

Jade asked  @InvisibleMenUk "lol.. hey jason, jon and george.. what u guys doing? still working on the track? xx"

They answered @JadeEwen "just finished, mixing tomorrow." at 1.30am 1st February 2011

From Jade to @InvisibleMenUk "exciting!!! :)"

Jade of course was asked when the new album would be out and answered that she honestlyy didnt know when exactly, but it would be soon and that she couldn't wait for us to hear it ! ~JadeEwenFan

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