Wednesday, 5 May 2010

DH Exclusive: Sugababes Desi Photo shoot

Watch video of photoshoot here

From intricate embroidery on rich Desi attire to beautiful henna designs all over their bodies the Sugababes were desified! And the lovely ladies rocked their glamorous South Asian looks. The girls got a taste of what it's like to be Bollywood beauties since Desi Hits! hooked them up with a photo shoot were they donned designer Desi wardrobe. These exclusive shots were done for the June issue of UK's Asian Woman magazine.

The girls had an absolute blast during the shoot. "I am loving it, the clothes are amazing," said Amelle from the Sugababes. Under the direction of UK's acclaimed photographer's Amit & Naroop the Sugababes struck poses for Bohemian, glamorous and sensual looks.

Like many other celebs from the west the Sugababes are embracing all things Desi and we are helping them get what their desires are drawing them to! First we hooked the girls up with Urban Desi producer Mentor to fuse some South Asian beats into their hit track, "About a Girl." Then we presented a hot performance by the trio at the biggest night for Asian music in the UK, The AMAs (Asian Music Awards). Now we are giving the pop sensation a makeover in Indian couture. The girls were dressed in clothing made by celebrity designers. The wardrobe was provided by London's popular "Variety Silk House".

The Sugababes were all smiles as they tried on ornate Indian jewelry, colorful saris and other South Asian attire. "It's amazing looking at all the detail. I can't believe it's all done by hand," remarked group member Jade about the clothes. The group also enjoyed the henna that was put on them by the world's fastest henna artist, Pavan. The designs on their bodies sparkled since jewels and glitter were placed over them to add more to the designs. The shoot made Heidi who has visited India recently wanting to go back soon.

We have seen several artists from the west look stunning in Indian outfits. Now we can add the Sugababes to the list!

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