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Lucie Cave's diary - Heidi does Zumba

Lucie Cave's diary
Posted by heatworld 13 April 2010 17:19

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"So last week we had the delights of Pineapple Dance Studios Louie Spence in heat Towers – this week I bumped into none other than Chace Crawford off of Gossip Girl on reception. Well, he wasn’t so much on reception (he wasn’t answering the phones – that would be too brilliant), he was more leaning across reception with a stubbled face speaking in a deep voice. For more on his stubbly whereabouts keep your eyes on heatworld. He might be popping up on this very site. That’s all I’m saying.

Aside from Chace-chasing, I got up at stupid-o-clock this morning to dance about like a stupid thing with Heidi Range from the Sugababes (see pic). She invited me to try out the latest celebrity workout craze called ‘Zumba’ at Virgin Active - and I worked up a right old sweat. And trod on her foot. It’s a Latin-based dance workout which is the reason for my lack of coordination (I can’t actually dance), but was actually very fun. Other celeb fans are Victoria Beckham, Shakira and Michelle Obama, but I didn’t see them in the changing room afterwards (or the shower, for that matter). Thankfully Heidi is just like the rest of us ladies when it comes to matters of food “I LOVE carbs and can’t stop eating them,” she told me. “For me to keep the weight off I have to go to the gym between 3-5 times a week, while the other Sugababes can eat what they want and not even exercise. It’s not fair!”.

Speaking of not fair. I had to suffer a train journey home from Liverpool this weekend with a load of football fans stood on top of me (I nipped up to visit some of my Hollyoaks pals Jennifer Metcalfe and Claire Cooper who’ve just opened their own fancy designer clothes shop called The Closet). One even farted in my ear. The football fan that is, not a Hollyoaks girl. I’ll leave you now with a snippet from a conversation I have just had with heat’s Art Director about a set of pictures we’re printing in heat next Tuesday. “Can the headline go into the arse do you think?” “Maybe we can put Mark Croft’s face on it.”

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