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Sugababes 8/3/2010 - Interview 4Music

We chat to Sugababes Mon 8 March 2010 - Interview

Listen now Since original Sugababe Keisha Buchanan was ousted from the band last September, all eyes have been on new addition Jade Ewen. As she prepares to release her second single with the band, we find out how she's settled in and what Heidi and Amelle think of the new album Sweet 7.

Q: You have now all been 'the new member of the Sugababes' at some point. What is that experience like?

Heidi: I think it's been a different situation for each of us. When I joined, we were signed together and recorded the album together. You guys were kind of thrown into it.

Amelle: I had a tour to do straight away. And Jade had a video.

Jade: You don't have time to digest it or think about it. You just have to get on with it. It's only when you get a break, like Christmas time, that it sinks in. Its better that you just go into it blindly.

Q: How has the fan reaction been, Jade?

I feel it's positive now. At the beginning I felt they resented me - and I understand it - because they loved Keisha and loved the band as it was, so it's difficult for them to see a new line-up and hear new vocals. It must have been weird for them and it was weird for me. But now they seem really positive!

Q: And have you been brushing up on the Sugababes back-catalogue?

Jade: When I first joined, it never crossed my mind that I'd have to sing the old songs. I thought I'd just have to learn the new album. I didn't realise there were six other albums. And you think you know the singles and then you realise you've been singing them wrong for years. And you can't get away with it on stage as the Sugababes fans are hardcore and they know every single word.

Q: You release your new album Sweet 7 in March. It was basically finished when you joined, Jade. What was your first impression when you heard it?

Jade: That was the deciding factor on whether I was going to join the band or not. I wanted to hear the music beforehand. The management played me the album and I absolutely loved it. Even if I wasn't in the band, I would buy the album as I just like the music, which I think is important.

Heidi: It's really like a party album. It's quite uplifting, I suppose. It's a feel-good album, something that you'd put on when you're getting ready for a night out. Lyrically, it's quite cheeky.

Q: The new single from the album is Wear My Kiss. You've already released Get Sexy and About a Girl. How hard has it been choosing the singles?

Jade: It's hard!

Heidi: It is with this one as there's a lot that we want to release.

Jade: There are only so many songs you can release though.

Heidi: There's probably another four that we'd love to be singles just because we want people to hear what's on the album.

Jade: We'd love Thank You For The Heartbreak and Little Miss Perfect to be singles.

Q: What else have you got coming up?

Heidi: We're not doing a Sugababes tour this year. We may start planning one for early next year, but we're going to do promotion in Asia. I went to Singapore with one of the previous line-ups...

Amelle: I love that that's how you described it...

Heidi: Ok, I went to Singapore with Keisha and Mutya. But it's a first for me, Amelle and Jade. We're starting off in India and its going to be amazing.

Interview by Colin Gentry.

The single Wear My Kiss is out now. The album Sweet 7 is released on March 15th.

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